Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Presenting... the Love Vinatge photoshoot..

Photo credits: with thanks to our amazing model Lauren McKelvie and helpers from 1b! Also thanks to Cardonald College for loaning the props for the shoot.

Clothing sourced from Starry Starry Night (White gown, Pink silk gown, flower hat, green hat), Autograph (black fringed dress), BabaGanoush (pearl lace collar, fringed white dress, faux fur jacket), plus our own vintage finds!

Styling and photography by Hayley Macpherson and Katie Roberts-Wood

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1960s finds part 2: Watermelon vintage

More 1960s inspiration from another of Glasgow's finest!

Watermelon is located on Great western road, near to Kelvinbridge underground.

1960s finds part 1 :Vintage guru

This week, we are bringing you 60s inspiration from the shops around Glasgow that do it best.. first up, Vintage Guru, Byres Road..

They always have the best themed window displays! Check out this one from Valentines day..

60's prints galore..

We love these 60s mini dresses displayed on the walls...

Vintage guru is located on Byres road, close to hillhead tube station

60's inspiration: Mathew Williamson for Pucci (illustration)

1960's: mods and rockers

As well as resurgences in TV, another recent example of 60s fashion has been in film; for example, Brighton Rock, which has been re-worked and set in the 60's (as opposed to the original 1940's film, based on the 1938's novel by Graham Greene)

The film is set to the backdrop of violent clashes between the Mods and Rockers, a great example of two british subcultures from the early-mid 60's, who had very distinct ways of dressing, using 'fashion' to show their alliance with one group or the other: